If Facebook gets you to do extensive research (especially to fire back an intelligent comment on a post made), keep facebooking! If it however makes you find yourself scrolling on the timeline of “I did not slap you I high-fived your face”, just know that it’s time to book that100

Look! You do not need to be crazy about finding a co-founder for your blog/start-up yet. Just be about your blogging or starting-up. You will find some amazing eventually. Actually works like magic sometimes*

Time to Reboot If This Is You

She had ran a 1000 copies that day; YES, a thousand! No, she wasn’t tired but she was bored (just reminding you there’s a difference between the 2 highlighted words). At least it would have been a bit interesting if these were different documents. But no, they were a 1000 copies100

Moslem ladies with their face covered in black veil with the exception of their eyes but yest take selfies, may we please know what you take the selfies of?